We’ve heard of modular PCs, modular smartphones, modular smartwatches, and if you might recall, in 2015 we also got modular headphones thanks to Danish headphone manufacturer AIAIAI in the form of the TMA-2. These are modular headphones that are pretty much the successor to the TMA-1, a very popular headphone amongst professional DJs.


That being said, one of the features that some felt were missing from its modular options was wireless connectivity, but the good news is that it has changed as the company has since launched a wireless headband designed for the TMA-2 on Kickstarter. Given that it is expected that more smartphone OEMs will be removing the headphone jack in the future, having one more wireless headphone option in the market today probably can’t hurt.

The wireless headband accessory is pretty straightforward. It comes with Bluetooth built into it and users can attach their earcups to the headband like normal. The company decided that the headband was the best option to integrate the technology because putting it in the earcups meant limiting the amount of configurations that they could offer, thus destroying the modular concept in the process.

AIAIAI is claiming that the headphone will come with built-in volume and playback controls, a microphone, USB-C connectivity, a built-in amplifier, and it is also boasting 16 hours of battery life followed by a 2 hour recharge time. Best of all it doesn’t look out of place. In fact we think it actually makes it look better. If you’d like to learn more, watch the video above or hit up its Kickstarter page to pledge your support. Note that the Kickstarter is for the headband, meaning for those who don’t own the TMA-2, you’ll still need to buy the rest of the headphones.

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