It has been rumored for a while that Nokia had a smartwatch in the works codenamed Moonraker. We’ve seen the renderings so we know how it looks like, but the question we’re more interested in is how does it work? What kind of features does it have? The good news is that our questions have since been answered.

In a post on YouTube by Nokibar, it seems that managed to get his hand on the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch and put together a video showing the device in action. For the most part it looks pretty standard and seems to offer features that pretty much all smartwatches offer. Apart from the design, we’re not sure what other features the watch has that would have set it apart from the competition.


In fact from what we can see, the UI of the watch isn’t that impressive and rather basic. We’re not sure if it is because the software has yet to be finalized, which would make sense since the device was never formally announced, so chances are what we are looking at is working prototype.

We have no idea how the Nokia Moonraker would have fared should it have been released, but it’s nice to see it in action after hearing about it all these years, but what do you guys think? Is this a smartwatch you would have gotten?

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