There are different clothes for different occasions. For example if you’re going to dine at a fancy restaurant, maybe the t-shirts and shorts combination might not be the best look. Or if you you’re going to the beach, a formal outfit would definitely be very, very out of place. However what if your clothes could anticipate your needs? Wouldn’t that be great?


That’s something that Google and fashion retailer H&M are trying to do. Google and H&M’s Ivyrevel label are currently working together on creating a “Data Dress” that uses Android’s Awareness API that helps design clothes based around your activities. This means that based on what you do during the day, it will make different types of clothes for your different activities.

According to Google, “Currently under development, the Android app specifically uses the Snapshot API within the platform to passively monitor each user’s daily activity and lifestyle with their permission. Where do you regularly eat out for dinner or hang out with friends? Are they more casual or formal meetups? What’s the usual weather when you’re outside? After the course of a week, the user’s context signals are passed through an algorithm that creates a digitally tailored dress design for the user to purchase.”

It sounds pretty exciting as it seems to merge technology and fashion. At the moment the app is in a closed alpha stage but for those interested in participating, you can sign up on its website to take part in the app’s trial ahead of its public release.

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