gold-goombasIf you recall, Nintendo had previously confirmed that they do not have intentions to release DLCs for Super Mario Run. We know this can come off the wrong way as it would suggest that Nintendo has no intention of keeping the game fresh and entertaining, but that’s not really the case as Nintendo is coming at it with a different approach.


In the latest update to the app, Nintendo has announced a new “Gold Goombas” event that players can take part in. This is an event that will run until the 20th of February in which Gold Goombas will be appearing in the World Tour stages. With each Gold Goomba that you take down/kill, you will be getting 30 gold coins which is significantly more than normal.

Gamers will also given a special stamp for each Goomba that you kill that is eventually placed on a special stamp card, where upon completion you will be able to get a special Gold Goomba statue for your Kingdom. Not every level will have Gold Goombas for you to kill, and levels that do have the Gold Goombas will be marked with an icon.

In the meantime Nintendo has also added an “Easy Mode” in the latest update where you get unlimited bubbles and there is no time for your runs.

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