At the moment the bands offered for the Apple Watch are pretty much purely for aesthetic reasons, which makes sense given that Apple has positioned the Apple Watch as more of a fashion accessory than your average tech gadget. However what if in the future Apple Watch bands were more functional?

Apparently that is an idea that Apple is exploring, according to a recently discovered patent in which Apple has come up with various ideas for a more functional band for the Apple Watch. In Apple’s patent, it talks about how the bands on the Apple Watch could be used to display information, alert users to notifications/reminders, or even show the progress of something, like a stopwatch, percentage of a download, the number of steps you’ve taken, and so on.

These bands won’t be stuffed with displays, but rather it talks about using an indicator in which only a portion of the band will be lit up. Now this isn’t the first time that it has been suggested that Apple wants to make the bands more functional. A patent from last year suggested that Apple was considering moving the haptic motor into the band itself, resulting in a possibly thinner Apple Watch.

However these are just patents meaning that there’s no guarantee that they’ll ever be made a reality, but if you think that the Apple Watch could stand to be more functional, who knows what the Apple Watch Series 3 could bring to the table? Cellular connectivity, perhaps?

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