At the moment the Apple Watch relies quite a bit on having a connection to the iPhone for quite a bit of its features. We suppose in a way it’s good because that encourages the purchase and dependency on more Apple products, but it’s also bad because it means that in terms of functionality, it isn’t quite as “free” as one would like.

That could change with the third-gen Apple Watch, or at least that’s according to Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Christopher Rolland who believes (via MacRumors) that the Apple Watch Series 3 could finally introduced cellular connectivity. This will come in the form of a SIM card slot where users could purchase LTE data plans for use with the device.

According to Rolland, “We understand a model of the next Apple watch will include a SIM card, and therefore is likely to support LTE. We understand some issues remain, including battery life and form factor size, but significant progress has been made. Apple may be employing VOIP and data across a CAT-M1 connection for superior battery life.”

He also claims that this connectivity will also mean that Apple will try to promote the Apple Watch alongside the AirPods to make and receive phone calls. Whether or not his predictions will come true remains to be seen, but we have seen LTE-enabled smartwatches before so we guess this shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

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