In sports, teams and coaches often come up with their own coded messages and words that only they know. This is because should the other team be watching or listening, they won’t know what they are talking about and figure out their strategy. A good example of this would be in baseball where signs are used.


Now it is fine for the other team to watch the signs used by their opponent and to relay that information to their own team, but the line is drawn when it comes to using electronic devices to relay said information, which according to a report from the New York Times is what the Boston Red Sox was recently accused of doing.

The report claims that the Red Sox used electronic devices like the Apple Watch to steal the signs used by the Yankees in their game against them. This is according to a complaint filed by the Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, claiming that in a video it showed a Red Sox training staff looking at his Apple Watch in the dugout and then relaying messages to their players. This information supposedly allowed the players to know what kind of pitch was going to be thrown, thus allowing them to be better prepared for it.

The Red Sox has since admitted that they have received signals from video replay personnel, but they contend that the Yankees aren’t 100% innocent either, and that the team uses a camera from its television network, YES, to steal signs during games as well.

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