When it comes to existing ticketing systems, for the most part many of them do work in their current form but that’s not to say that they can’t be improved. In fact the Major League Baseball has recently announced that they are testing out a new contactless ticketing system that will let players enter using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

It is said that this solution will be better than current solutions which rely on scanning a barcode or reading a QR code. It is said to be more reliable where there it could be less prone to errors, something that we’re sure many have experienced when trying to scan tickets with barcodes or a QR code. It is also said to be more secure as well.

This is actually not the first time that we’re seeing Apple’s NFC hardware being used for contactless ticketing systems. For example last year when Apple Pay launched in Japan, the company also added support for Japan’s train system where users could reload their Suica cards using Apple Pay and also tap on the gates to register their tickets and get to their trains, so in reality using the iPhone or Apple Watch to facilitate ticketing for sporting events doesn’t really come as a surprise.

The pilot actually kicked off several weeks ago on the 22nd of September after iOS 11 was launched. It is unclear when the MLB expects to make this contactless ticketing system more widespread or if they will fully embrace it at all.

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