On every Apple product page and at the end of every Apple product announcement, the Cupertino company loves to boast at how green they are when it comes to building their products and the packaging used for its products. However as it stands sometimes raw materials and rare metals are still required.

This is something that Apple wants to change, according to Apple’s VP of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson. Speaking to news.com.au, Jackson was quoted as saying that Apple’s goal is to one day eventually be able to make products from 100% recycled and renewable materials in a bid to reduce their dependence on raw materials

According to Jackson, “What we’ve committed to is 100 per cent recycled material to make our products, or renewable material. We’re working like gangbusters on that.” She adds, “As far as I know, we’re the only company in the sector trying to figure that out. Most people talk about recycling electronics but the material is not necessarily used in new electronics.”

Like we said, Apple’s green initiatives are pretty well-known. The company has won the title of “Greenest Tech Company” for multiple years in a row, and seems to be producing excess energy from their green energy efforts that they can actually afford to sell them to energy providers. When exactly we’ll see the day that an iPhone or MacBook is made entirely out of recycled/renewable materials is unclear, but it is a future worth looking forward to.

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