If you’re a bit confused by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why some characters, clearly from the Marvel comics, are not part of the MCU, we don’t blame you. There are various videos online that explain why that is; for example how Fox owns the rights to the X-Men, which is why no X-Men appear in any of the MCU movies.


However it seems that there could be a possibility that it may happen one day, especially when there are reports from CNBC that claim that Disney and 21st Century Fox were in talks about the former purchasing the latter’s assets, only leaving behind news and sports. However it should be pointed out that in a separate report from Bloomberg, it has been suggested that while there might have been talks, those talks have now stalled and could be dead in the water, although there’s no way to confirm that.

That being said should the deal have gone through, it would have seen Disney add a bunch of cable networks to its existing portfolio, which includes FX and National Geographic, as well as assets outside of the US like the Star cable network in India, the Sky Plc satellite service in Europe, and so on.

Given Disney’s assets at the moment, the addition of some of Fox’s assets would have no doubt given the company tremendous power and influence in the media industry. As it stands Disney will be launching its own video streaming service which will include Marvel and Star Wars content.

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