[CES 2018] When it comes to headphone development, Bragi is a company that has been pushing the boundaries and creating headphones that are packed with features, such as contextual awareness, digital assistants, and more, and now it looks like Bragi’s next project is to tackle hearing-related issues.


The company has announced that together with Mimi Hearing Technologies, they will be launching Project Ears. This isn’t a product at the moment and according to Bragi, “Your hearing is as unique as you are, so our product aims to adapt to your earprint. We want to bring you relief from tinnitus and noise when you need it, and enhance your hearing in environments where you face difficulties.”

“By bringing you along on the development journey, listening to your feedback and working with Mimi Hearing Technologies, experts on human hearing and sound personalization, we will collaborate on a product that for the first time combines both embedded tinnitus relief and personalized hearing enhancement.”

This project came about after Bragi’s CEO Nikolaj Hviid discovered that their customers were modifying the Dash headphones for tinnitus relief, prompting the company to try and create their own solution. That being said, it is unclear as to what will be the end result of Project Ears or what we might end up with, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

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