It is pretty obvious that Apple is working on new products, such as future iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and so on. It is also pretty obvious that behind the scenes, Apple probably has some new products that are being kept under wraps, some of which might actually not even see the light of day until the 2020s.

Speaking to Fast Company in an interview, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that in order to stay ahead of the curve, they are working on things that might not even be released until the 2020s. Cook was quoted as saying, “For us, on the product side, we have to come up with our silicon requirements three, four-plus years in advance. So we’ve got things that we’re working on now that are way out in the 2020s.”

Cook points at components like the A11 Bionic chipset found in 2017’s iPhones, in which he stated that Apple had been working on the design years before it came out. He also states that as a result, Apple “can do things that others can’t”. That being said, we have to wonder what kind of future products Apple could be working on that might only be released in the next 2-3 years.

There have been rumors that Apple is working on their own augmented reality headset that might only launch in 2020, but we suppose only time will tell. In the meantime Fast Company has ranked Apple as the most innovative company for 2018.

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