To date Apple has yet to officially confirm how many Apple Watch units they’ve sold to date. We’re not sure why, but during Apple’s financial results, the Apple Watch is typically grouped in with other devices, leaving it unclear as to exactly how many units might have been sold in the current quarter or overall.

However if analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco is to be believed and his data is accurate, it seems that Apple might have sold about 46 million Apple Watches to date. Dediu also estimates that the user base is around 40-43 million. Breaking it down further, it is estimated that over 4 million Apple Watches were shipped in Q1 2018, which is an increase over Q1 2017 where it was estimated that just under 3 million Apple Watches were sold.

It’s not surprising that 2018 is seeing an increase in shipments of the smartwatch. There have been reports in the past indicating that the Apple Watch Series 3 is seeing a lot more popularity compared to its predecessor. This might be due to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 3 has the option of LTE support, meaning that users won’t need to be tethered to their iPhone for connectivity purposes.

In any case these figures should definitely be taken with a grain of salt for now, but if they are accurate then it is clear that Apple is the leader when it comes to wearables.

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