Ahead of the Apple Watch’s launch several years ago, the competition for the most part were launching square-ish smartwatches. This led to rumors that Apple might go a different route and launch a round smartwatch instead, but as we all know this clearly did not happen, but on hindsight it seems like maybe it didn’t matter.

That being said, a recently discovered patent has revealed that Apple might have planned for a circular smartwatch, or at least explored the idea of such a device. According to Apple’s description of the patent, “A display may have an array of pixels. The array of pixels may have a shape such as a circular shape or other shape with a curved edge.”

However given that this a patent, there’s no telling if this will ever be made into an actual product. However even if it was, Apple would not be the first company to create a circular smartwatch. Motorola beat Apple to that with the launch of the Moto 360 back in the day and other companies like Samsung have followed suit.

That being said, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple is expected to stick to the current design of the Apple Watch, except that they might increase the screen by a bit for 2018’s model. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but what do you guys think? Would a circular Apple Watch be something you might prefer?

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