Google’s attempt at creating augmented reality headsets is particularly well-documented. One of those attempts is the Google Glass which unfortunately never made it to the commercial stage. However it seems that Google could be making another attempt, according to a report from


It seems that the publication has managed to get their hands on documents which allegedly shows that Google is working with Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta on an AR headset codenamed A65. The headset is rumored to be powered by a custom quad-core Qualcomm QSC603 chipset and will feature a resolution of up to up to 2,560 x 1,440.

However what’s interesting is that the report is likening this headset to Microsoft’s HoloLens rather than the Google Glass. For those unfamiliar, the HoloLens is a mixed reality headset made by Microsoft. Unlike VR that completely immerses the user in a virtual reality, or AR that overlays the virtual over the real world, mixed reality is, well, a combination of both that attempts to merge the best of both.

The alleged headset by Google is also said to be a standalone device, meaning that it will not require tethering to another device, such as a computer. Google has yet to comment on the report so take it with a grain of salt for now, but given that the company has dabbled in both AR and VR headsets, to hear that they might be working on something new doesn’t really come as a surprise.

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