Siri is the default digital assistant on the Apple Watch which makes a ton of sense given that Apple is behind both Siri and the Apple Watch. However if Siri isn’t really the digital assistant for you, you might be interested to learn that Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant is now available on the Apple Watch.

Now Amazon did not actually release Alexa for the Apple Watch. We thought we should make that clear. However given that Amazon has made Alexa available to developers for use in third-party apps and devices, it means that developers can use it to bring Alexa to a bunch of different platforms, such as the Apple Watch in which Alexa is available via an app called Voice in a Can.

Now unfortunately Alexa on the Apple Watch does not afford users the same features if you had an Echo device, for example. The app’s developer Atadore actually warns users that not all of Alexa’s features are available, such as audiobooks, music, podcasts, and so on. It isn’t also on standby unlike Siri which can be activated by saying, “Hey Siri”.

However like we said these are options in case you wanted one. Google Assistant has yet to find its way onto the Apple Watch so for now it’s pretty much a toss up between Siri and Alexa. Voice in a Can is available for download where it is priced at $1.99.

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