Thanks to the Apple Watch’s built-in heart rate sensor, it can pick up on the wearer’s heart rate which comes in handy when you’re working out. It also comes in handy in some situations where it can notify the wearer of an elevated heart rate which could signal a very serious health problem.


Such is the case over in Australia where according to a report from 9 News, 24-year old Adam Love has attributed his Apple Watch to possibly saving his life. According to Love, he claims that his Apple Watch was giving him notifications that his sleeping heart rate averaged 130-140 beats per minute, which obviously wasn’t right since a resting healthy heart rate is usually around 60bpm.

He decided to make a trip to the doctors where he was diagnosed as having a hole in his heart, something he had since birth. It was also discovered that his upper lung was pumping into the wrong atrium of his heart, meaning that blood was needlessly circulating around the lung and doesn’t get to the rest of his body.

Love underwent surgery where his doctor, Professor Michael Wilson at the Mater Hospital made a keyhole incision on his right side and used a daVinci 3D robot to patch up the hole. This resulted in his recovery time being shortened from 12 weeks to just 3. This is definitely not the first time we’re hearing stories about how wearables are saving lives, and we imagine that as technology gets better, our wearables will be able to pick up on more medical conditions in the future.

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