When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, what many noticed seemed to be missing from the announcement, was the Apple Watch Edition. For those unfamiliar, this was Apple’s way of trying to appeal to customers who wanted a luxurious smartwatch, but now it looks like Apple’s experiment with luxury smartwatches is over.


In a report from The Verge, it has been noted that Apple is no longer selling the Apple Watch Edition on its website. Of course for those who want to spend their money are more than welcome to, because they can always pony up for the Apple Watch with Hermes watch bands that will easily run them over $1,000.

However these are third-party options and as far as Apple’s own offerings are concerned, it seems that they might be done. Apple had initially started with a gold Apple Watch that cost $10,000. Apple later introduced a ceramic Apple Watch that replaced the gold version (which was also discontinued), but now it looks like there are no more luxury options.

Perhaps Apple realized that it was a really niche market and that maybe spending their time and resources striking up partnerships with fashion labels, such as Hermes, would be better than making it themselves. There’s also the issue of upgrades, where due to the fact that the Apple Watch is refreshed annually, there probably aren’t too many people out there willing to drop that kind of money on a yearly basis.

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