Monopoly used to be a game in which it was based on several countries, where each board piece would represent certain streets or areas in that particular country. However over the years and thanks to various collaborations, we’ve seen how Hasbro has worked with developers and publishers to create special versions of the Monopoly board.

For example we’ve seen Monopoly boards for Mario Kart and also Skyrim, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Hasbro is looking to capitalize on Epic’s success with Fortnite by launching a Fortnite Monopoly board. Spotted by Eurogamer on website Zavvi where the game is up for pre-order, it states that it will be launching on the 26th of November.

What’s interesting is that despite the fact that it is at its core a Monopoly game, based on what we can see it certainly doesn’t look like it will play like your standard Monopoly game. We’re not completely sure what the new rules are for this particular version of the game, but it appears that there will be various “pawns”, health chips, wall cards, and more.

Whether or not this will be as fun to play as the actual game remains to be seen. However for those who are fans of Fortnite, we suppose this will make a good collectible.

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