Wireless earbuds are a trend these days which we imagine that Apple and their AirPods probably helped to popularize. However in case you’re not a fan of these wireless earbuds and prefer something a bit more “secure”, then there are other options out there, such as Apple’s BeatsX which is a wireless pair of earphones connected with a cable between the earbuds.


The best part is that they have since been discounted where instead of being priced at $150, they are now priced at $120. It is unclear if this is a permanent discount, but it certainly seems to point at that direction and if you’re so inclined, you will be able to get your hands on a pair by heading on over to Apple’s website.

Unfortunately it seems that the slashing of prices has resulted in Apple dropping a bunch of color options. Previously the earphones were available in black, grey, white, and blue, but now on Apple’s website it only lists two colors – black and grey, while blue and white have been removed completely.

Apple has not announced any new Beats branded audio devices for 2018, although if we had to speculate, the discount of the BeatsX could suggest that Apple might have a new model in the works. Either that or Apple is planning on dropping the lineup completely and are looking to unload existing inventory.

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