One of the new products Google announced back in 2017 was the Clips camera. This is a camera that came with AI features that would be able to detect when the best time was to capture a shot, with the idea being that it would allow users to capture special moments that might have been otherwise missed.

Now according to 9to5Google, they have heard from their sources that the upcoming Pixel 3 could actually feature similar tech. This will come in the form of a camera feature called Photobooth that will leverage the Pixel 3’s alleged dual front-facing cameras, along with software that will be able to take photos of the user that will capture the “best” pictures.

It can also be triggered by the expressions of the users, such as when making a funny face, winking, smiling, sticking their tongue out, and so on. 9to5Google is also claiming that the Pixel 3 could come with a camera feature called Top Shot. Similar to how Clips has been designed to capture those special moments, Top Shot has been designed to capture the best photo.

This will occur when the user presses the shutter button, in which a series of photos are taken and then AI is used to determine which is the “best” photo. It will also be capable of reducing the file size of the photo by apparently decreasing the resolution of “unimportant” parts of an image. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but with Google expected to announce the Pixel 3 tomorrow, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out if these features are true.

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