IKEA has been expanding their lineup, and while the company is known for their affordable furniture, they have expanded their catalogue to include devices like smart light bulbs, smart speakers, and have also worked with Apple to dabble in the use of augmented reality to help market their furnitures.


Now it seems that the company is also getting into smart blinds where according to a report from Teknikveckvan, the company’s smart blinds are expected to be priced starting at $114. IKEA actually announced their smart blinds back in September, and now it looks like we have a rough idea of how much it could cost.

The blinds are called Kadrilj and Fyrtur, where the former will be ordinary style blinds, while the latter will be blackout blinds. That being said, it is unclear as to how these blinds are expected to function, but we reckon things like setting it on a timer would be one of its features. It is also unclear if there will be support for HomeKit, but considering that IKEA’s other smart offerings offer support for HomeKit, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did, or if it will come in a later update.

That being said, for a price roughly around $114, it is certainly one of the more affordable options in the market today. As 9to5Mac points out, there are other smart blinds/shades in the market such as those made by Lutron, although those are priced considerably higher at $900.

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