It’s not surprising that microtransactions are a thing these days that developers and publishers are adding to their games. EA’s Battlefield V is expected to feature microtransactions as well, although the company had stated back then that the feature will not be available at launch to give players some time to experience the game.


EA has yet to officially confirm the date of the release of the microtransactions feature, but according to a sighting on Amazon spotted by Reddit user spanky008, it seems that there is a chance that the feature could be launching next month, or to be more specific, the 18th of January, 2019.

This is based on a listing on Amazon where the listing was for Battlefield currency, where 6,000 in-game currency will be priced at $50. For those unfamiliar, Battlefield V is expected to feature two types of in-game currency: Company Coin that can only be earned from playing the game, and Battlefield Currency that can be bought for real-life currency.

Now there are some concerns about microtransactions and how they might make games pay-to-win, but in Battlefield V’s case, EA has stated that Battlefield Currency can only be used for the purchase of cosmetic items, so if you’re not necessarily into skins and costumes, then you won’t really have to worry about spending more money.

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