There are a variety of smart speakers in the market today, although for the most part it is dominated by the likes of Amazon and Google. Both companies have the advantage of having a large number of third-party companies adopting their tech, but does that mean that they are better?

In Loup Ventures’ annual smart speaker test, they tested smart speakers use Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana to find out which was the most accurate, and it looks like Google Assistant has walked away the winner. The report found that in terms of accuracy, Google Assistant took the cake as it managed to answer 87.9% of the questions correctly.

It also seemed to have absolutely no trouble understanding the query of its users where it scored 100% on that front. In second place is Apple’s Siri which answered 74.6% of questions correctly, with a 99.6% in understanding said query. Third place goes to Amazon’s Alexa which scored 72.5% in accuracy, and 99% in understanding.

In last place is Microsoft’s Cortana which scored 63.4% in accuracy, and 99.4% in understanding. That being said, for the most part it seems that all these smart speakers and their accompanying digital assistants have seen improvements over time, proving that there is plenty of work going on behind the scenes at making them better.

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