Last year when the ECG feature on the Apple Watch was released, we soon heard a report of how the feature might have saved a user’s life. Now a new report from WMUR (via 9to5Mac) has revealed that the ECG feature could have already saved its second life when it alerted its wearer to the possibility that his heart might be in A-fib.

According to the report, Barry Maden, the owner of the watch, bought the device following a brain injury. His original intention was to take advantage of the fall sensor where it would alert 911 in the event his wife wasn’t around to help him. However while traveling on holiday, the watch suddenly alerted Maden to a possible A-fib.

He quickly went to the doctors who performed another ECG test with more advanced equipment to confirm the watch’s readings, and it turns out that the watch was right. According to Maden, “It would’ve probably taken me longer had I not had something actually telling me that something’s not right.” He has since been treated and appears to be fine.

What’s interesting about this story is how there seems to be doctors who actually aren’t necessarily in favor of the feature. There are some who argue that healthy individuals under 65 probably should just ignore the feature, although we’re not sure we see the harm in being safe rather than sorry.

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