Our smartwatches, specifically the Apple Watch, can measure the health of its wearer, like its heart rate where it can alert users when the heart rate is too low or too high, or has an abnormal rhythm which suggests that something could be wrong. However in the future it could be used for more than just personal health.

In a patent discovered by Patently Apple, they found that Apple is exploring the idea of possibly incorporating sensors into the Apple Watch and/or iPhone that would allow it to detect biohazards in the air. Usually poisonous gases, especially those that can’t really be smelt, are dangerous because you might have already breathed in too much of it. However these sensors would alert users to such dangers around them.

We imagine that such sensors could come in handy for law enforcement who are checking for a potential terror attack, or the military who might be up against enemies who are using chemical attacks. While we imagine that such sensors could come in handy, it is only a patent application at the moment and as such it is unclear when it might be included in the Apple Watch or iPhone, if at all.

In the meantime we have heard reports that Apple is exploring the idea of a non-invasive way of monitoring the glucose levels of Apple Watch users.

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