Porsche shared some good news today for prospective owners of its Taycan electric vehicle. It announced that customers will be provided with three years of free charging at Electrify America charging stations across the United States. Taycan owners will be eligible to get an unlimited amount of 30 minute long charges as part of this promotion.


Electrify America has more than 300 highway charging stations across 42 states in addition to 184 stations in 17 metro areas. This charging benefit is going to be included within the price of the Taycan.

In addition to this promotion, Porsche US dealers will be installing their own fast-charge kiosks. The company is also going to offer home charging technology. This sets up a comprehensive power network for the Porsche Taycan when it launches later this year.

The Electrify America stations use 800 volt technology with the combined charging system plug. This will enable the Taycan to add more than 60 miles of range in just four minutes. Each of its locations has an average of five charging dispensers while some have as many as ten. There will be a minimum of two 350 kW chargers per site while the additional chargers will deliver up to 150 kW. The highway stations will be no more than 120 miles from each other.

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