Dating apps have modernized the way of dating, whereas in the past you usually would need to talk to someone to find out more about them, such as shared interests, and so on. However with dating apps, a lot of that information is readily available at a glance, where users can lists their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and so on.


According to an initial report from MSPowerUser (via TechCrunch), it seems that Tinder is testing out new ways of communicating with your matches in chat by sharing music clips from Spotify. This seems to be an expansion of a previous feature which allowed users to showcase the top artists on their profile. Tinder had previously stated that music can be a powerful signal in terms of attraction, which was why they had included that feature back then.

In a way it makes sense, where if you come across someone who shares the love of the same artist with you, it makes you more interested in getting to know them. Now by giving users the ability to share music clips, it gives users more things to talk about with each other beyond the usual topics.

However users won’t be able to share full songs and only 30-second clips. Tinder has since confirmed that they are testing the feature in a statement that reads, “Users love connecting over shared tastes in music. In fact, users who update their ‘Anthem’ are most likely to start a conversation via Feed. With this in mind, we’re testing the ability to share music with a match while chatting on Tinder.”

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