The Apple Watch features a fixed display as most watches do, but it seems that Apple could be exploring the idea that one day the Apple Watch could sport a flexible display that would wrap around the wearer’s wrist. This is according to a recently discovered patent by Foldable News which suggests that Apple is looking into an Apple Watch with a flexible screen.

What’s interesting about this patent is this is actually not the first time that Apple has looked into flexible displays. It was the other day that Apple patented the idea for a foldable phone of their own, so for them to extend that concept to the Apple Watch actually makes some sense. Whether or not this patent becomes a reality remains to be seen.

That being said, the idea of a smartwatch that is all-display does have certain advantages, such as being able to display more information. The display would also allow the wearer to change the look of their entire watch and not just the face on the fly, whereas now users will need to manually change their watch strap to do so.

Apple is not alone in exploring this concept because it was also reported that Chinese company TCL is looking into a smartphone that doubles up as a smartwatch, which we imagine is pretty close to this concept. Whether or not this design will take remains to be seen, but what do you guys make of it? Yay or nay?

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