When it comes to music discovery, there are many ways in which we can go about finding new artists and songs. It can come from a friend’s recommendation, a movie’s soundtrack, or as we’re starting to see these days, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning where music services attempt to learn what you like and make recommendations off of that.


In fact that’s something that Spotify will be further investing in as the company has announced that they will be turning to the use of algorithms to help create more personalized playlists for their users. What this means is that in the end, there will be no two playlists that are identical due to the different listening preferences of each user.

According to Spotify, “We know that everyone’s taste is different, and songs that one person may want to sing in the shower just might not make sense for everyone else. (We’re sure you can relate.) That’s why we’ve punched up our playlist ecosystem to make sure every listener is able to find the perfect song for each moment.”

Spotify also repeats that personalized playlists has led to an increase in listeners seeking out certain songs to repeat, which is good for keeping users on Spotify and also good for certain artists as it means more royalties.

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