There are many reasons why someone might buy the Apple Watch. It could be that they want to use it for fitness purposes where it can log their activities. Some might want it for lifestyle purposes, some might simply want it to better communicate with their smartphones, and as such, not all features of the watch might be used.


For example the Apple Watch Series 4 has a fall detection feature, but chances are this is a feature that might be better appreciated and used by the elderly than the young, and as such, it’s not surprising that some might be skeptical about some of these features. This was the case with an unnamed Apple Watch user from Germany who initially wrote off the ECG feature of the watch as only being for hypochondriacs, but now it looks like he might have had a change of heart (pun intended).

According to a report from the FAZ newspaper, the user sent Dr. Michael Spher of the publication an email where he stated his initial skepticism of the feature, but yet when he decided to try out the feature for fun, it picked up on an Afib. He tested it a few more times with the results being the same before deciding to consult with his physician.

It turned out the watch was accurate and he was put on medication to treat his issue. According to the user, “It’s true, the Watch contributed to prolonging my life. Now I see the whole discussion with different eyes.” This is not the first time we’re hearing about the ECG feature saving a life, and now that the feature has rolled out to Europe, we expect to hear more such stories in the future.

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