Our smart devices these days are becoming increasingly capable, where they have the ability to measure things like our heart rate. However, it seems that in the future, the Apple Watch and iPhone could become more capable at reading certain aspects of our health, such as maybe even our body odor.


This is according to a recently-discovered patent (via Cult of Mac), dubbed “Systems and Methods for Environment Sensing”, in which Apple talks about how future Apple Watches and iPhones could come with sensors and use artificial intelligence to pick up on smells associated with certain chemicals.

What this means is that in the future, our smart devices could detect certain smells in the air, such as our body odor. While this might seem more like something to do with vanity, the truth is that our body odor and certain smells we emit could be telling signs of our health. While not exactly a diagnosis, it could be useful like the ECG feature on the Apple Watch where users might be prompted to seek out a medical professional to confirm it.

This isn’t the only tech that Apple is working on for its smartwatch. We have long heard that Apple could be developing a non-invasive manner of reading glucose levels through the Apple Watch, but that feature has yet to debut. Also, with this being a patent, there’s no telling if it could ever become a reality, but it is interesting to say that least.

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