Earlier this year, the Keychron mechanical keyboard was launched on Kickstarter. For those who missed it, the Keychron is a mechanical keyboard that uses low-profile switches and keys, meaning that it will feel more like a laptop’s keyboard than a regular keyboard, with the upside being that it makes it more portable.

However, if you’d much prefer a more regular kind of keyboard, the folks behind the Keychron have since launched the Keychron K2 on Kickstarter. As you can see in the video above, the K2 looks more like your standard keyboard with full-sized keys. It is missing the numpad on the right, but if you never had a use for it, then we suppose it’s not a big loss.

The K2 has also been designed to be a more compact keyboard. This is thanks to all the keys kind of being squished together, where there is no gap between the function key row and the number row, nor are there gaps between the arrow keys and navigation keys. This does lend itself to a more compact design, but whether or not it is better depends on your personal preference, but we imagine that it will take some getting used to.

The project has since managed to raise close to $400,000 in funding so it is more or less a guarantee that it will go through. If you’d like to get in on it, there are still 11 days left so head on over to Kickstarter for the details and to pledge your support.

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