The Apple Watch comes with a couple of health features that have helped save many lives over the years that the smartwatch was launched. Now according to a report from the Calgary Herald, it seems that the Apple Watch might have saved yet another life, although not necessarily in the way you might think.


According to the report, the Apple Watch might have saved the life of a woman and also from potentially being raped. The woman in question was sleeping in her living room on her couch after an exhausting night shift when she woke up to see a shadowy figure in the room. When she tried to reach for her phone, she realized that it was not where she thought she had left it, but then she remembered she was wearing her Apple Watch.

She then used the watch to text her boyfriend to ask if he had come home, but he said that he did not. That was when she realized that the person in her living room was a complete stranger, and then texted her boyfriend to call the police. When the police arrived and broke through the door, they found the suspect, John Joseph Macindoe, hiding in the woman’s kitchen pantry.

They also found a bag next to the suspect that contained multiple items, such as a balaclava, a large buck knife, some zip ties, condoms, lubricant, and a ball gag. Further investigation of Macindoe’s home revealed that the woman’s photo as his screensaver, bags containing clumps of the woman’s hair, and two pairs of her underwear.

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