Even before the Apple Watch was launched, the rumors that were circulating all suggested that Apple was looking to position the device as the ultimately fitness and health related tool. While we’re not sure it could be considered the “ultimate” device just yet, it has done a pretty good job on the health front where it has managed to save the lives of many of its users.

We have heard reports that Apple is still looking for ways to fit in new health features to the smartwatch, like non-invasive glucose monitoring aimed at diabetics, but that might not be all. According to a recently-discovered patent titled “Fabric-Based Items with Stretchable Bands”, it seems that Apple is looking into creating a stretchable band for the Apple Watch that could contain various health-related sensors.

Based on the description of the patent, it suggests that the band could provide tools like blood pressure readings and more. “The circuitry may include sensor circuitry for making measurements on the body part such as electrocardiogram measurements, blood pressure measurements, and respiration rate measurements. A coil formed from conductive strands in the fabric-based item may be used by wireless power receiving circuitry in the fabric-based item to receive the wireless power.”

While ECG and heart rate readings are already available on the Apple Watch, putting them into a band could allow for different applications of the watch and how people wear them. It could be worn around the user’s torso, arms, legs, a glove, and so on. It’s an intriguing patent but as with all patents, there’s no telling if Apple plans to make it a reality.

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