Apple is a company that loves doing everything themselves. The iPhone is a perfect example of that, where it not only runs software made by Apple, but there are also components inside the iPhone that have been designed by Apple as well. This is why many are suggesting that Apple could be interesting in snapping up Broadcom’s RF wireless chip business.

A report from The Wall Street Journal (paywall) has revealed that Broadcom is apparently looking to sell off its RF wireless chip business, and while there was no mention of who could be interested, many have pointed out that Apple could be a likely candidate. Broadcom already supplies many RF chips for smartphones, so it would make sense that Apple might be interested in acquiring them and their tech, especially given that they have been supplying to Apple for years.

Such an acquisition would no doubt help Apple further customize its iPhone to its own specifications, where they can create devices with unique and potentially better capabilities as opposed to simply sourcing from outside. It would also give them more control over what their products can do.

Such behavior isn’t entirely without merit either as earlier this year, Apple announced that they would be acquiring Intel’s modem business where it was speculated that it could help the company further the development of their own in-house 5G modems.

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