Apple seemed like they were set to disrupt the wireless charging industry with the announcement of the AirPower back in 2017, but unfortunately after reports of various technical issues such as overheating and not being able to meet Apple’s standards and goals of what it should do, the company’s ultimately cancelled the product last year.

However, it seems that Apple might not have completely given up on the AirPower concept just yet. According to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Apple is still exploring the idea of creating a charging mat that appears to be similar in design and concept to the original AirPower.

We’re not sure how different this patent is from Apple’s original plan for the AirPower, but at the very least it hints that the company is still very much interested in it. For those unfamiliar, one of the selling points of the AirPower is that users could place their device anywhere on top of it and it would charge.

This is versus current wireless charging mats where devices would need to sit on top of the charging coil to charge, meaning that if you place it a bit off, it might not work. The patent’s diagram hints at multiple charging coils overlaid on top of each other, essentially covering as much ground as possible. Whether or not we will see Apple revisit the AirPower in the future remains to be seen, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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