Last year, Apple cancelled their plans for the AirPower wireless charging mat. The company claimed that they were unable to meet the high standards that they set for themselves, and as such, decided that it would be better to cancel it rather than bring a subpar product into the market.

Now thanks to a video uploaded by Mr.white onto bilibili, it shows the alleged teardown of the AirPower and gives us some insight as to why it might have been cancelled. As you can see in the image above, the AirPower looks crazy complicated. Typically, wireless chargers use coils that are used to charge devices, but Apple has laid it out in such a way that it can be charged anywhere on the mat.

They have also included a keyboard-like array of circuits that looks very complex which some speculate could result in the AirPower being prohibitively expensive, more so than other wireless charging mats in the market today. Some of the earlier reported problems include how the charging mat can actually overheat, and it’s not hard to see why given the complexity of the circuitry.

That being said, we have been hearing rumors that Apple has not given up on the project entirely and that a newer and improved version could actually make its debut at Apple’s iPhone 12 event which is rumored to take place in October.

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