Due to the fact that more of our devices come with GPS built into them, tracking them down has become easier than ever. This means that should thieves ever decide to steal a smartphone or smartwatch, they better keep it turned off because leaving it on means that the GPS has been turned on as well.


This is something that a pair of suspected thieves were arrested by police who were trying to track down a stolen Apple Watch. Thanks to location tracking, the police managed to track down the watch to a parking lot on Auburn Boulevard in Roseville. However, it seems that police only managed to locate its exact location after the owner of the watch pinged it, causing it to emit a sound where police eventually found it hidden in a cabinet in the back of a motorhome.

This is not the first time that we’ve heard of how Apple’s location tracking feature for its products have led to the recovery of stolen goods. Of course, not all these cases have happy endings where in the past, we have heard of how some people have taken it upon themselves to locate the thieves, which resulted in someone getting stabbed to death.

That being said, the “Find My” feature is actually a pretty useful one and if you’d like to learn how to set it up on your iOS device, you can check out our guide here.

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