Just last year, Apple launched their video streaming service Apple TV+. Prior to the launch, Apple had been busy going about buying up shows and courting A-list actors and celebrities to create shows for their platform. Now it looks like Apple could be looking to progress by buying up a movie studio.


In a report from CNBC, it seems that Apple might have held preliminary acquisition talks with movie production studio MGM. However, before you get too excited, these are just preliminary talks to gauge interest in a potential acquisition, meaning that nothing official has been signed or that there is any progress beyond these talks.

There is no doubt should these talks progress further and Apple does eventually acquire MGM, it would give them a pretty huge catalogue of shows that they could add to their Apple TV+ streaming service. That being said, it seems that Apple isn’t alone in their interest either, as it is reported that Netflix was also amongst those that MGM held talks with.

It makes sense for Apple and Netflix to be interested in acquiring MGM. With the stiff competition in today’s market, especially with companies like Disney who not too long ago bought out Fox, companies like Apple and Netflix could definitely stand to benefit from owning a major production company like MGM if they hope to stay relevant and competitive.

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