Earlier this month, a student was reported to have fallen victim to a scam, where he thought he was purchasing a brand new MacBook laptop, but instead ended up with two bottles of lemonade. Unfortunately, it seems that despite these scams being made public, it looks like the scam has claimed another victim.

According to a report from Birmingham Live, a man by the name of Dylan Obeegadoo is the latest victim of this scam. The victim claims that he was approached by two men called James and Frankie, where they approached him at the Churchill Shopping Centre. The scammers offered Obeegadoo the opportunity to inspect the items, which he claims were real.

He then headed to the ATM to withdraw £500, which is what the scammers were “selling” the product for, before meeting them outside at their car. Once again, as with the previous scam, both James and Frankie had somehow managed to pull the same bait-and-switch routine and handed Obeegadoo a cardbox box that contained a couple of bottles of lemonade instead of the computer he thought he paid for.

The victim has since reported the scam to the police, but they told him that apparently they can’t do anything about it. This goes to show that if something sounds too good to be true, then perhaps it might be.

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