Apple’s HomePod speakers were initially powered by its own software that is largely based on iOS. However, according to a report from 9to5Mac, they discovered that in the latest update to the smart speaker system, Apple has made some changes where the HomePod is now powered by tvOS, the same OS used to run Apple TV.

Now, we should point out that Apple’s tvOS and iPadOS are essentially all based on iOS, except that they have been individually adapted to better suit the device they are running on. So while tvOS is still iOS-based, as 9to5Mac points out, the changes could signify what the future holds for the HomePod.

For starters, they point out that since the HomePod is powered by the A8 chipset, it could mean that if Apple were to continue using iOS, it could result in the HomePod no longer being supported once Apple stops supporting iPhones that use the A8 chipset. By switching to tvOS, it could ensure continued support for the years to come.

It has also led to speculation that this could be Apple gearing up for new HomePod devices. We have been hearing for a while now that Apple could have a cheaper HomePod mini in the works, and the switch to tvOS could be Apple’s way of preparing for that. In terms of usability and functionality, the switch to tvOS does not seem to have impacted functionality of the device at all, and it seems to be merely Apple laying the foundation of what’s to come.

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