The rumors are claiming that at WWDC 2020, Apple will be unveiling their new ARM chipsets that would be used in future computers. There was also a recent rumor claiming that the first ARM-based Mac computer from Apple could be the 12-inch MacBook laptop that was discontinued a while ago.

However, it seems that might not be all. The post on Reddit goes as far as claiming that this particular laptop could actually see Apple bring back the dreaded butterfly keyboard that many had thought they were done with back in 2019. For those unfamiliar, Apple introduced the butterfly keyboard design several years ago.

It was supposed to be an even lower profile keyboard compared to previous MacBook laptops, but it was unfortunately plagued with all kinds of issues. This led to Apple ditching the keyboard back in late 2019 when they launched the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The company even upgraded its laptops this year to sport the new keyboard.

However, we had heard a rumor from May this year that Apple wasn’t done with the keyboard just yet and were still working on improving it and fixing it. If this latest rumor is true, it seems that maybe we could see it return in the 12-inch MacBook. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but this is one rumor we’re hoping isn’t true.

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