According to the rumors, Apple is said to be working on a pair of AR glasses. What the company plans on doing with these glasses is unclear, but now in a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that one of the potential uses for Apple’s wearable headset could be enhanced privacy for iPhone users.

Right now, whenever your smartphone’s screen is on, anyone looking directly at it can see what you’re doing. There are some screen protectors that are designed to reduce the angle of visibility, but the patent suggests that the AR glasses could offer up a much more elegant solution.

Basically what these glasses would do is that when worn by the user, it would overlay information from the iPhone into the glasses themselves. This means that to everyone else, your iPhone or iPad’s screen might not show anything or look like a regular screen, but all personal information like maybe photos or messages would be hidden and only visible through the headset’s lenses.

The patent also describes how users will be able to continue to interact with their iPhones or iPads like normal by tapping the display and other UI elements, but to everyone else, they won’t be able to see it. We’re not sure how well this will play out in real life, but it sounds like a very interesting application and could potentially be one of the ways Apple could convince the public to start adopting wearable headsets.

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