How do you find out about songs or bands you’ve never heard of before? There are many ways, such as hearing it used as background music in a TV show or movie, hearing it on radio, or being recommended by a friend. Social media can also be a good way about finding and discovering new tunes.

That being said, it seems that Apple Music is about to get a lot more social because it has been discovered that in the latest iOS 14.5 beta, Apple is giving users the option of sharing lyric snippets from Apple Music songs on social media platforms such as Instagram. All users need to do is press and hold on the lyrics and it will bring up the sharing menu where users can choose to share it either through the Messages app or on Instagram through Stories.

For Instagram Stories, there will be a link to the song which when clicked will open in Apple Music. Sharing through Messages will also include a snippet of the song itself where it will play the portion of the lyrics that you shared. It’s a pretty novel feature, but it’s interesting to see Apple become more social with some of its services.

Currently there is no word on when iOS 14.5 will be released, but it seems like it will be quite a feature-rich update with added security and privacy changes that iOS users might want to look forward to.

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