Live streams are all the rage these days and if your audience and followers tend to lean towards Twitter, did you know that you can actually create a live broadcast from your Twitter mobile app? If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then here’s what you need to do to go live in a few quick and simple steps.

  1. Launch the Twitter app and tap the compose button at the bottom right corner
  2. Tap the camera icon
  3. Once in the camera interface, tap “Live” at the bottom row of the screen
  4. You can now enter a description or invite specific guests to your live stream if you want if you want to host a group live stream together
  5. When it’s all setup and ready to go, tap “Go live” and your stream should begin.
  6. When you’re done with the live stream, you can tap the “Stop” button at the top left corner and confirm it

As Twitter’s live stream is only available through your mobile device, this has several advantages to it. This will let you create a live stream wherever you are and whenever you want, so you could be traveling and live stream your adventures. Or you could be attending an event that you want your followers to be able to share in.

You can also flip the camera around so that it either faces you or what you’re looking at. You can also enable the camera’s flash if you feel that it’s too dark, or you can mute it if you want a little bit of privacy.

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