Several years ago, Apple revealed their plans for their own maps called Apple Maps. Given that prior to that, Google Maps pretty much dominated the landscape, safe to say that with Apple’s resources, their attempts to launch their own mapping service might have given some pause. However we all know how that turned out, and Waze in particular seems pretty happy about it.

In fact during an interview with Business Insider, Waze’s CEO Noam Bardin actually thanked Apple for their success, and even revealed that every year, the company celebrates what they call “Tim Cook day”. For those a bit lost by this, it is because Apple Maps at launch was a huge flop, where maps were distorted and directions to places were made in error.

This ultimately forced Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to publicly apologize for the mess, and also to offer up alternatives to Apple Maps, with Waze being one of those mentioned. According to Bardin, “That was our coming out moment. From there, things started to pick up pace, eventually ending in the acquisition in 2013.”

Waze was ultimately acquired by Google which Bardin attributes to Cook’s public apology and mention of the app. According to Bardin, “It’s a day that’s still celebrated today at the company every year. It’s called Tim Cook day.”

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