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Apple Is Rebuilding Maps Using Its Own Data
Apple Maps was touted as having the potential to overthrow Google Maps ahead of its launch, but fast forward to a few years later, it is clear that Google Maps is still very much the de facto map that many turn to. Apple has clearly made some improvements to Apple Maps over the years, but it seems that they are far from done.

Apple Maps Can Now Be Embedded Into Websites
Sometimes companies and restaurants and venues will embed a map onto their website to let customers know where they are and how to get there. For the most part the maps that we would see on websites are Google Maps, with the occasional Bing Maps thrown in, but now it looks like we might start seeing Apple Maps as well.

Apple Using Drones To Improve Apple Maps
While Google Maps might still be the de facto map app that comes to mind for many, Apple has been making great strides to improve its own offerings. In fact according to a report from the Financial Times (paywall; via Engadget), it seems that Apple is using drones to help improve on the accuracy of its maps.

Apple Will Be Driving Around The World To Collect Data For Apple Maps
To say that Apple Maps did not get off to a good start is an understatement. In the early days of the app’s launch, not only did it lead drivers to wrong locations, but there were issues with the UI that resulted in wonky-looking maps. Apple has obviously improved things over time, and it seems that the company has recently shared their plans on how they are collecting data globally.


Latest Apple Maps Update Expands Indoor Mapping To More Places
When Apple Maps was first launched, safe to say that the service was extremely disappointing to the point where an executive got fired and where Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had to publicly apologize to the extent of asking customers to check out alternative apps in the meantime. However that was years ago and Apple Maps has since come a long way.

Apple Maps For Europe Updated With EV Charging Locations
Regardless of whether you drive a more traditional car or an electric car, both require to be topped up with either gas or electricity. However given that gas-powered cars have been around considerably longer, gas stations are ubiquitous and if finding one has never really proved to be that difficult.

Apple Maps Houston Transit Data Goes Live Before Super Bowl LI
Apple has gradually been expanding the transit data feature for Apple Maps and it has now included regional and metropolitan public transport services in Houston, Texas before Super Bowl LI. This is going to be very helpful to thousands of iPhone users who are planning to attend the big game next week. It’s going to be useful for locals as well who just want to avoid high traffic areas associated […]

Apple To Add Grade Crossing Information To Apple Maps
Back in 2015, there was a fatal accident in which following directions from Google Maps, a truck driver by the name of Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez ended up being stuck on railroad tracks at a California crossing. While he made it out alive, the train ended up colliding into the truck and killed the engineer while injuring 32 others.

Apple Maps Will Now Plot EV Charging Stations
Range anxiety is no longer what it used to be as electric vehicles now not only have a longer range in between charges, but also charge faster than before. However finding an EV charging station is still something that drivers need to think about since they aren’t ubiquitous as gas stations. The good news is that if you own an iOS device, finding an EV station will be easier.

Apple Drones Will Help Company Make Maps Better
Apple is reportedly planning some major improvements for its Maps service to better compete against the behemoth that is Google Maps. According to a new report, Apple is going to rely on drones as well as new indoor navigation features to further improve Apple Maps. The company is said to be putting together a team of robotics and data-collection experts that will use drones to capture and update map information […]

Apple Maps Now Come With Full Amtrak Support
When Apple first announced their mapping plans, many feared that it would spell the end of Google Maps on iOS. However following the debacle that was the app’s launch, Google had nothing to fear as Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had at that time recommended Google Maps as an alternative while they sorted their problems out.

Apple Maps Fiasco Is The Reason We Have Public Betas Now
A couple of years ago, Apple announced that they would be launching a public beta for OS X. This was followed the next year with a public beta for iOS. Both these moves are a bit odd for Apple as the company has never really been one to share their inner workings with the public before.

iOS 10 Brings Transit Data For Japan To Apple Maps
Apple Maps has been late to provide users with transit data but now it’s gradually adding the much-needed transit data for more and more locations and now the company has confirmed that the upcoming major iOS update is going to add transit data for Japan to Apple Maps.

Apple Maps In iOS 10 Will Now Remember Where You Parked Your Car
One of the changes Apple is making in iOS 10 is to Apple Maps. The app was launched with a lot of controversy as it was chock full of errors and mistakes that forced Apple’s CEO to release an apology note where he also went ahead to recommend alternatives until Apple could get the app fixed and improved.