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Archos’ Smartwatch To Be Sold For $50
Smartwatches are definitely the gadget to keep an eye on for 2014. We have heard the rumors that many companies, such as Apple, could debut smartwatches later on in the year, and during CES 2014, companies such as Archos have unveiled their own offering in the form of a smartwatch that is expected to give devices like the Pebble smartwatch a run for its money. Now if there was any […]

Huawei Debuts Tron Android-Powered Gaming Console
Android-based consoles are not such a bad idea. With Android being open sourced and with plenty of apps available, it would seem as though manufacturers would have not only the platform that they can tweak to their liking, but also a plethora of games that gamers can choose from. Kickstarter-backed OUYA is probably one of the more successful Android consoles to date, but oddly enough things have quietened down and […]

OKIDOKEYS New Smart Locks And Keys
[CES 2014] There are already a number of solutions out there that leverage technology to modernise the traditional lock and key. For example, there’s Lockitron, which basically turns a smartphone into a door key. Using the Lockitron self-install kits and a free app, doors can be locked and unlocked automatically from anywhere in the world. A similar solution by OKIDOKEYS has been announced on Sunday at CES 2014. The new […]

Epson Pulsense Line Announced
[CES 2014] Fitness products seem to be catching on these days, and some companies would definitely want to jump aboard the bandwagon so that they will not miss any opportunity should the gravy train pull ahead without them. Epson has looked into the world of fitness devices, where they have announced its Pulsense range of watches and wristbands for fitness, health, and wellness monitoring. The Pulsense would be worn on […]


LaCie Culbuto USB Key Looks Very Different From The Norm
[CES 2014] LaCie has come up with an extremely interesting design for a USB key, where it is known as the LaCie Culbuto. This particular USB key will definitely stand out from the rest, where it has been designed by French designer Constance Guisset. For those who are not Francophiles, Culbuto happens to be French for a toy that has a weighted base which will ensure that the object remains […]

ZTE Eco-Mobius Prototype Spotted
[CES 2014] ZTE has come up with its fair share of devices in the past, especially smartphones and to a certain extent, tablets, but what they have done with this proof-of-concept known as the ZTE Eco-Mobius is equally interesting, or perhaps even more so. While this particular concept does look interesting on the CES showfloor, it does not seem as though ZTE has any intent to fully commit themselves to […]

Sennheiser PRESENCE Mobile Headset Announced
[CES 2014] Sennheiser has just announced their brand new PRESENCE mobile headset, which will come across as a high-quality Bluetooth headset that will target mobile professionals as well as private users who would want nothing less than outstanding sound quality as well as HD voice clarity regardless of whether they are in the comfort of their own home, cruising down the highway in the car, or spending time in the […]

Scanadu Scanner Uses Your Smartphone To Diagnose A Patient
[CES 2014] Your smartphone is capable of so much more, and I am quite sure that this particular device will be able to do a whole lot more in the future as well as technology develops at a breakneck pace. Having said that, CES 2014 has been pretty interesting when it comes to add-on devices which will be able to transform a seemingly normal smartphone into a tricorder of sorts. […]

Gigabyte Announces BRIX Pro DIY PC Kit
[CES 2014] Being a hotbed for technology, CES is an event where plenty of action goes on each day as various companies try to vie for the attention of the attendees when it comes to the different hardware and concepts on display. Gigabyte is no different, as this company that churns out motherboards, graphics cards and PC systems have just announced the next generation Gigabyte BRIX Pro, where it happens […]

DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition Could Help Reduce Childhood Obesity
[CES 2014] Video games have been frowned upon by many people over the years, especially the old school types, as they figure out that video games are nothing but bad news for young people since it distracts them from everything else in life, not to mention it also seem to promote an unhealthy lifestyle as one sits in front of the flat screen TV all day long, munching on nothing […]

Chefjet 3D Printers Could Be An Attractive Tool In Any Bakery
[CES 2014] 3D printers have been making their way around the CES showfloor for a fair number of years now, but how many of them will actually be able to churn out stuff that can be chewed and swallowed? Enter the new range of Chefjet 3D printers that will launch later this year, where these machines will be able to print out food. Yes sir, a manna machine, so to […]

iSwimband Could Help Prevent Kids From Drowning
During the summer, we come across more than our fair share of stories of kids drowning in pools or lakes attempting to cool off from the summer heat. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. It could be inattentive parents, kids trying to swim in the deep end when they have no experience, or it could be that there was an accident, but either way it is […]

Yahoo Smart TV Introduced
[CES 2014] CES 2014 has been an eventful time for many of us, and this week, there was the introduction of the Yahoo Smart TV, which happens to be the next evolution of Yahoo’s Connected TV platform that is currently being used in millions of households today. Considering that the modern day person has so many choices available on your TV that range from traditional channels, to Video On Demand, […]

WWE Network To Stream On Connected Devices
[CES 2014] While we all know that WWE offers entertainment wrestling with some interesting scripts, there is still the excitement of seeing beefed up men as well as ladies having a go at one another, with subplots running in the background at times, too. At the Wynn Hotel and Casino earlier this evening, wrestlers including Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon has introduced […]