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Power Bank is a flashlight and charger all in one
Convergence is the name of the game these days, and the Power Bank could very well be one of the outstanding candidates. Why do we say so? Well, this particular device is not only a portable power pack to juice up thirsty devices via USB, it also doubles up as a flashlight, thanks to a single 1W LED. No idea on how bright it is in terms of lumens, but […]

Innergie PocketCell for power on the go
[CES 2012] Take a look at your pockets and backpack – how many devices do you own that come with their very own charger? Surely you have at least a couple, and the more you have, obviously it will be more difficult to keep track of just which device is on a full tank, while others are running on empty. To make sure you continue the Boy Scout mentality of […]

Bracketron GreenZero mobile chargers eliminate vampire power
If you’re looking for ways to lighten your electricity bill each month, you might want to watch out for appliances that consume standby power. In case you didn’t know, there are some appliances that consume power as long as they are plugged in – even if the switch is off. This is known as standby power or vampire power and while usually not a lot of energy is consumed, it […]

Apple files for a universal power adapter to charge multiple devices simultaneously
A while back we reported of TwelveSouth’s PlugBug charger, which was a charger that allowed users to charge both their MacBook and iOS device simultaneously, but now it appears that Apple has something similar in mind with a recent filing of a patent application that they’ve called “Multi-Output Power Supply”.


Small holes actually increase battery strength
Who would have thought that a slab of cheese with holes inside might actually be the inspiration to boost the performance of batteries in devices that we use? Yes sir, scientists have actually managed to give battery strength a much needed boost with something as simple as creating small holes in them, where this new and novel material mix might allow it to be fully juiced up from flat in […]

Solio Bolt charges your iPhone with the sun
While it might not cost a lot of electricity to keep your iPhone recharged on a daily basis, the amount ends up being pretty substantial over a long period of time. If you’re keen on eliminating the charging costs on your electricity bill, you might want to go green, and Solio has the solution just for you. Called the Bolt, this compact little device will keep your iPhone (and other […]

Quirky Ray charges your gadgets with the sun
Do you find yourself constantly on the move and always carrying loads of gadgets around with you? If that’s the case, you probably have a lot of spare batteries or charging cables, and you’re always on the lookout for a spot to charge or replace the batteries of your devices. Well, if that’s the case, Qirky’s new device should impress you. Called the Ray, this portable charging device for your […]

Nissan develops cheaper and smaller quick chargers for EV cars
While EV charging stations aren’t exactly that common, that doesn’t stop Nissan from working on improving them. The company has just announced the launch of its new quick chargers for electric vehicles that are smaller than the current ones they have right now. In addition to taking up less space and being easier to install, the chargers are said to retain the high performance of the current chargers and will […]

Solar Vox Ultra solar charger looks like a flower
Most solar-powered devices aren’t exactly the most aesthetically pleasing gadgets around, featuring large ugly black panels that are designed to absorb as much sunlight as possible. Well, an industrial designer named Eric Botzen of Botzen Design thinks this shouldn’t be the case and has designed one of the nicest looking solar-powered chargers we’ve come across.

Cell Drive charges and syncs your different portable devices
Tired of having to use a different charger for each gadget you have? Well, so are the folks who’ve come up with the Cell Drive – an all-in-one charger that is compatible with almost all mobile devices available on the market. Plugging into your USB drive, the Cell Drive is stocked with multiple ports that lets you charge your smartphones, feature phones, GPS units, E-readers, tablets, MP3 players, and pretty […]

Nissan and The New Motion team up for LEAF charging solutions
Looking to go green, and you want to start off with that vehicle in your garage? You surely would do well to check out our Nissan LEAF review if this particular model has stoked your interest. The Japanese automaker has teamed up with their zero-emissions mobility partner in the Netherlands known as The New Motion, where the latter has agreed to deliver charging solutions for owners of the electric-powered LEAF.

Mizco DIGIPOWER platform-specific smartphone charging kits charge your phone faster
Most people don’t know that the speed at which how fast your phone charges is dependent on your charger. In case you haven’t noticed, some chargers do work faster than others, and charging your phone with your computer’s USB port is much slower compared to charging it with a power outlet. Charging your phone with another phone’s charger (even if the ports are compatible) could even reduce the speed at […]

DIGIPOWER TC-55 charges all your camera batteries of the same brand
Don’t you just hate how each camera you have needs a different charger in order to charge its batteries? It’s even worse when you go on vacations and have to remember to pack a charger for each one. Well, Mizsco International’s new series of chargers aim to turn those woes into problems of the past. Called the DIGIPOWER TC-55 Digital Camera Travel Charger Series, these chargers are touted to charge […]

Orange Sound Charge T-shirt keeps your phone juiced at gigs
While a smartphone is an awesome device to have, one of its biggest drawbacks when compared to regular feature phones is its battery life. Many phones have trouble making it through a full day (sometimes even half the day when it is used a lot). Consumers are relying on using backup batteries or bringing chargers around just to make sure their devices stay juiced throughout the day.On the other hand, […]

Hatsuden-Nabe pot keeps your devices charged in the middle of the jungle
If you’re the kind of person who takes your device with you out in the wild while you’re camping so you have access to a GPS or a compass and some way to communicate with the outside world, sometimes one full charge of your smartphone is not enough to keep it juiced for the whole day or two. And spare batteries can only last for so long and make your […]

Wool Ball Charger might just go on indefinitely
Since cellphones as well as smartphones are staples for ordinary people (and have been) for quite some time already, it makes perfect sense that you should make sure these essential tools have enough power reserves before you head out. What happens when you fail to do so, ending up with a dead BlackBerry at the office? Why, borrow your colleague’s charger, of course. Well, do you fancy a charger that […]

Giant Vodafone trucks to keep phones juiced at large events
It looks like Vodafone really is working hard to get its brand out there. Earlier this month, we reported that they would be equipping over 500 taxis with mobile phone chargers for people always on the go and need their devices to stay juiced. Now they’ve just announced another mobile charger. This time it’s no cab, but big red truck. A really big red truck.Called the Vodafone VIP recharging truck, […]

Toyota and WiTricity to create cars that can charge wirelessly
Toyota and WiTricity have announced that they will be collaborating together to work on a way to practically apply automotive wireless charging systems and to promote its widespread use. WiTricity, a corporation that’s known for its wireless charging technology seems a fitting match for a car company (like many others) that’s been looking to go green. Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world has yet to introduce a next […]

Unauthorized iPhone charger explodes
Why are we not surprised when we read this? It is rather unfortunate that even after hardware manufacturers over the years have issued a statement to users that they ought to rely on original accessories only in order to prevent nasty explosions or burns, folks still won’t listen. Could it have anything to do with the high price of original accessories compared to third party solutions in the market? Perhaps, […]

Coffee Cup Power Inverter juices up your mobile devices in the car
An AC outlet in the car is always handy to have around but most of them look unsightly and make the car appear messier than it really is, especially when not in use. Well the folks over at ThinkGeek have come up with a solution to the problem – by disguising a power inverter as a coffee cup. The Coffee Cup Power Inverter plugs in to your car’s cigarette lighter […]