Articles about charger (page 2)

Power Bank is a flashlight and charger all in one
Innergie PocketCell for power on the go
Bracketron GreenZero mobile chargers eliminate vampire power
Apple files for a universal power adapter to charge multiple devices simultaneously
Small holes actually increase battery strength
Solio Bolt charges your iPhone with the sun
Quirky Ray charges your gadgets with the sun
Nissan develops cheaper and smaller quick chargers for EV cars
Solar Vox Ultra solar charger looks like a flower
Cell Drive charges and syncs your different portable devices
Nissan and The New Motion team up for LEAF charging solutions
Mizco DIGIPOWER platform-specific smartphone charging kits charge your phone faster
DIGIPOWER TC-55 charges all your camera batteries of the same brand
Orange Sound Charge T-shirt keeps your phone juiced at gigs
Hatsuden-Nabe pot keeps your devices charged in the middle of the jungle
Wool Ball Charger might just go on indefinitely
Giant Vodafone trucks to keep phones juiced at large events
Toyota and WiTricity to create cars that can charge wirelessly
Unauthorized iPhone charger explodes
Coffee Cup Power Inverter juices up your mobile devices in the car